"Like DaVinici with a bike wrench." -Chris L.
jonathan posner.jpg
"I have known Max for over 20 years - he has always been meticulous about his riding and his equipment. Fully trustworthy and as friendly as they come." 
-Jonathan P. 
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"Max is the head coach for my son’s mountain biking team. I’ve watched him check and fix the kids' bikes at every event. He takes great care to make sure everything is working right and that the bikes are ready to go.

He has also fixed my bike and my son’s bike. The repairs are done right and done quickly. Max is the person I want to check out and fix my son’s bike before he races. That way I know my son’s bike is working and he's going to be safe." 

-Josh E.

Wesley Bashlor.jpg
"Max took time on Christmas Eve to assemble a bike for our daughter. He did a great job and our daughter is enjoying it immensely. A great guy." 
-Wesley B.